There are a number of programs in our region that help to support people with disabilities. Inclusion Parksville Society combines our efforts with other service providers and community groups with the goal of creating a community that welcomes and includes all of its members. It is with this goal in mind that Inclusion Parksville Society designs our many programs and activities.

Individuals wishing to join Inclusion Parksville Society programming are required to obtain a referral from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC).

To learn more about the individual programs offered by Inclusion Parksville Society, visit the Programs page on our website, or stop by reception at 249 Hirst Avenue West, Parksville, for a brochure.  

Scent Free Zone
Inclusion Parksville Society is a scent free zone; scented products (may include cologne/perfume, hair products, body sprays and lotions, cleaning products, laundry supplies, highly scented soaps and deodorants) should not be worn or used on the premises.
CARF International
Inclusion Parksville Society is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). To learn more, please visit CARF Canada's website.
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