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Employment Services is a customized employment service that follows a person-centered approach, assisting participants to discover their employment interests, skills, and abilities. Participants are assisted by a vocational counselor throughout the job-seeking process, and are provided with individualized training and job support once they have secured employment. When a participant illustrates confidence both in their job and the workplace setting, job support can be gradually phased out.


Customized Employment is a three-fold process: Discovery, Job Search, and On-The-Job-Support.
  • The Discovery process can take many hours and is designed as a way to get to know the skills and desires of the job seeker. This involves the Vocational Counsellor spending time with the clients in their home , and in the community in both recreational and and social settings. By getting to know our participants, we can truly reflect their needs in order to find the desired ideal conditions of employment.
  • The Vocational Counsellor will then work with the client to search for inclusive employment, to negotiate with employers and to help develop natural supports on the job site. We will provide on-the-job support for the client until such a time as the job coach can be phased out. 
  • Throughout this process, we will adhere to our commitment to Person Centered Planning and empowering people with disabilities.


  • Are made through Community Living British Columbia (CLBC)


  • Clients must be 19 or Older.
  • Be motivated to work.
  • Be able to travel (or complete training) to and from work.

Hire a Person with a Developmental Disability:

If you are interested in hiring a person with a developmental disability, please visit our Programs page for information on the Employment Services program, or email .

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